Beer Tasting Notes for New Holland Dragon’s Milk

Welcome to beer tasting notes. Introducing New Holland’s banana coconut bourbon barrel-aged stout. They dub it Dragon’s Milk.

Read More “In the Kitchen” pickled up beer-pickled red onions and beer-pickled cucumbers in the first part of this video.

The resulting beer-pickled cucumbers and onions were remarkably different from traditionally pickled cucumbers and onions. The additional flavors of sweet malt and a touch of hops accentuates the herbs and spices we used, especially with the pickled onions.

Read More is glad you chose to visit with us “In the Kitchen” for a look at how to make beer-pickled cucumbers and beer-pickled red onions.

The basic choice of what you want to pickle is not limited to cucumbers and onions.
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Click on the above picture to view the video.

Welcome to Founders Harvest Ale 2018 Tasting Notes

The good folks at Founders Brewing Co. sent me this sample of their seasonal brew.

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On 12 October 2018, on a trip through New Hampshire, I stopped in Portsmouth, NH and dropped at Liars Bench Brewing Co. for a chat, and a sip or two.

The name of the brewery pays homage to the small-town New England piece of real estate. It was the bench in front of the country store or post office. Here was the place for telling tall tales and believing none of them. Read More is glad you chose to watch Back of the Fridge Tasting Notes for XX Bitch Creek Double ESB Ale

Once again, BeerBasics ventures to the Henry Street Ale House in Brooklyn Heights, to do a special “Back of The Fridge” Tasting Notes. This time it is a six-year-old beer from the Grand Teton Brewing Co. in Victor, Idaho.

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Welcome to Founders Solid Gold Premium Lager Tasting Notes

First we hear from the folks at the brewery. Then an additional voice to the conversation. Your comments would be more than welcome…
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Click the picture to view the video. is glad you chose to watch this interview with the co-founder of Founders Brewing Co., Dave Engbers, and Brewmaster, Jeremy Komicki.

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