First things first… you must congratulate a brewery that can survive the regulatory rigors of the state of Utah.

However, I would like the folks at Squatters to explain… How can there be a “German-Style” of beer particular to the Bohemian city “Pilsen” (now in the Czech Republic)

From the Web:

The initial press release includes the following…

“Brilliant Bier is a classic light bodied German-style Pilsner with sweet malt, Noble German hops that offer a spicy and floral aroma, and a bright flavor that will have craft beer lovers saying cheers to a few more biers. Crisp and approachable with a traditional appeal, it’s a brilliant choice any day of the year.”

“Brilliant Bier is 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), a percentage that would previously have been prohibited at grocery and convenience stores; however, on November 1, Utah’s ABV limit will increase from 4% ABV to 5% ABV.”

“Squatters Craft Beers has been at the forefront of Utah craft beer since its inception as Salt Lake City’s first brewpub in 1989 and is pleased to be among Utah’s first craft brewers to offer tried-and-true beers at a higher ABV. Along with the release of Brilliant Bier at the 5% ABV point, Squatters will offer the following beers at higher ABV: Juicy IPA, American Wheat Hefeweizen, Chasing Tail Golden Ale and Full Suspension Pale Ale.”

Nov 3, 2019

From the Brewery:

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