Thanks for taking a look at the story behind Around the Bend Ramblin’ Rosé Ale.

This time visits a French bistro, Bar Tabac, in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Cobble Hill.

Traditionally, a “Tabac” in France is a small store selling cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and small snacks. This “Bar Tabac” is a step above that, almost a “bistro” by definition.

Although this is a neighborhood restaurant, you often hear French spoken on either side of the bar and at a table or two as well.

The menu of traditional French-style cuisine hasn’t changed much in the over fifteen years I have been a customer.

When the folks at Around the Bend Beer Co. sent me a sample of their Ramblin’ Rosé, I immediately thought of the folks at Bar Tabac. If anyone knew Rosé, the folks at Bar Tabac would.

And so, on Thursday, 22 August 2019, I took a can of Ramblin’ Rosé to be tasted by whoever showed up.

This video shows what they thought.

The Can tells us.

“Light and effervescent. This sparkling ale will have you thinking about Rosie all day! A wine like acidity from hibiscuses Flowers and cranberries is offset by a pleasant but not too sweet finish derived from the liberal use of raspberries and a touch of honey in the kettle. So refreshing on a hot summer day. You may choose to leave that bottle in the fridge and reach for another can instead.”

Alcohol by volume 5%

International Bittering Units 10

Original Gravity 1.047

Grains: Pilsen malt, Wheat, Cara Pils, Corn

Hops: Tettnang

The Brewery

Around the Bend Beer Company

417 N Ashland Ave,

Chicago, IL 60622

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