Welcome to BeerBasics.com Tasting Notes. This time, Breakside Brewing Co. Rainbows & Unicorns IPA. Let’s see if it meets expectations.

Peter: Here we are at the Henry Street Alehouse. I’m Peter LaFrance of BeerBasics.com and we’re going to be doing a tasting, meeting expectations, and we’ve got something that’s a little bit unusual. It’s a Breakside Brewing Company. As you can see it’s Rainbows and Unicorns, Rainbows and Unicorns. The pictures will be down in the description box below. Also, links to any information that you want to know is in the description box below. If you’re interested in this beer and other beers, especially beers we’re going to be tasting, don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll find out exactly when we go. Okay! Once again, here we are at the Henry Street Alehouse, and tasters today are…

Jerry: Jerry Scott.

Jim: Jim Bennet.

John: John Lonergan

Peter: Alright. So everyone has been briefed on this one. Also, take a look at the notes in the description box below, and you’ll see all the information about this beer. What we’re expecting is a relatively light beer with very floral hops and bits of supposedly fruits and very tropical type of thing. This is a summer beer. We’re expecting a summer beer. Let’s see if it meets expectations. It’s going to be a summer beer! … Nice white head. Now again, this was supposedly, I have no idea, but it was brewed between 2014 and 2017. It’s been in the back of the fridge for at least a year. Okay… Alright, it looks like as you can see, a really light colored beer.

Jerry: A little haze.

Peter: A little bit of haze. The aroma-Wow, oh boy is there grapefruit in that aroma. Grapefruit. What do you think John?

John: Very good fragrance.

Peter: John here is having a burger with us, so he’s going to give us a little extra context as to what is tastes like, okay? The first sip! … Not much of anything…

Jerry: A little bit of… very light. Very, not a lot of [INAUDIBLE 03:59]  , not a lot of hops.

John: I find it a pleasant beer.

Jerry: Easy drinking summer beer.

John: Definitely a summer beer.

Peter: That would be my suggestion. That this would not be served at [INAUDIBLE 04:14]. I’m wondering if it was served a little iced up.

Jerry: Iced on the beach.

Jim: Yeah it’d be perfect.

Jerry: But for a real IPA, it doesn’t quite have the real opt content.

Peter: So calling it an IPA is a little stretching it.

Jerry: It’s a nice ale.

Jim: It’s an IPA it’s  just not a hoppy IPA.

Peter: Let’s call it a summer IPA. So in that case, does it meet expectations,

Jim: I guess, yeah.

Jerry: Yeah I would say.

Peter: (to John) Does it meet expectations?

John: I enjoyed it.

Peter: There we go. Apparently the Breakside Rainbows & Unicorns meets expectations. I’m Peter LaFrance from BeerBasics.com, hoping all your beers meet expectations.