Step Two: Assemble all the ingredients.

You will also need a large sharp knife. You will also need a metal pot large enough to hold the soup. I also suggest a chopping board. Measuring spoons are helpful.

Rinse all veggies in cool running water.

Don’t worry about the ham bone.

Step Three: Final Preparations

Chop the veggies into pieces of the same size. The smaller the better.

Make sure you have everything at hand, especially a large sturdy stirring spoon.

Step Four: Sweating Things Out

Add some olive oil (about three tablespoons) or bacon fat (about three tablespoons) to the pot you are going to make this soup in. Light the fire under the pot and wait three minutes until the oil/bacon grease is smelling good. Add the chopped veggies and stir them a bit to cover them with the oil/grease. Let them sit in the pot and cook a bit… Until they are starting to get soft.

Step Five: Yellow Peas and Beer Time

Stir the yellow split peas into the pot. Pour in the beer and chicken stock and give it a good long stir. I’d suggest about five minutes or so. Just enough time to drink a cool beer. You have almost earned it.

Step Six: Throw in the Meat.

Add the ham bone.

Step Seven: WAIT

Over a medium-low heat, simmer all the good stuff you have in the pot for about three hours. It does no harm to visit every fifteen minutes or so and give the soup a stir and take a taste or two or three.

Step Eight: Final Preparations

While you are enduring STEP SEVEN, send a friend to the store to get a loaf of crispy bread, some farm fresh butter and a growler of fresh brewed beer. You won’t have to do that if you have already acquired those items yourself earlier.

Step Nine: Set the Stage

Even the simplest meal should be presented in a pleasing manner. This means sitting at a table. This means the bowl and spoon are clean. It also means you have a glass for the beer. A table napkin wouldn’t heart.

Step Ten: The Path to Nirvana

Sit down. Pour a proper glass of beer. Ladle the soup into a bowl and place it on the table properly. Slice the bread and slather on the butter. Dip the buttered bread into the soup and take a bite… experience… first take a proper swig of beer, now…. Experience nirvana!

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