Beer Tasting Notes for New Holland Dragon’s Milk

Welcome to beer tasting notes. Introducing New Holland’s banana coconut bourbon barrel-aged stout. They dub it Dragon’s Milk.

Valerie, from the New Holland marketing department, sent me a pair of samples of Dragon’s Milk as well as material describing their marketing program, to engage customers in a story-telling project.

Getting beer drinkers to tell tall and taller tales

The brewery has mounted an unusual marketing campaign. Dragon’s Milk is intended to inspire the telling of saga-like tales among friends. A sort of story telling for sport and entertainment. To learn more about all of this start with the notes on the brew.

Stout is taken to a higher level

Most “Stouts” are rather low in alcohol content. The most you can find is usually 4.5% alcohol by volume. This strides in at 11% abv. I call it “Imperial” due to the amount of alcohol as well as the image of the dragon and the program of inviting inventive story-telling. It gives a new context to “In vino veritas.”

The making of a drinking saga…

The connection of beer and the telling of tall-tales has existed since the first beer was consumed. Tasting beer and drinking beer are two different things. This Dragon’s Milk is not for quaffing, although it is deceptively easy to drink. So be warned. Watch yourself when you start telling stories. Beware of Dragon’s Milk that goes down too easy or your tales will get taller.

The Michigan based brewery can be reached by clicking on the following link:

The Henry Street Ale House

I’ll admit it. This is one of my favorite watering holes. The tap list is not overwhelming and it’s well maintained. New beers are featured often. When they feature a “one-off”, it never lasts too long. The place has roots as a brewpub in Park Slope Brooklyn a dozen years or so ago.

Open in early afternoon it is a quiet reserve. In the afternoons the graduate students from a nearby residence take up residence. After five o’clock the local legal offices and courts release thirsty folks in need of a good pint and conversation. The food isn’t half bad either; especially the hamburgers.

For their side of the story click check out The Henry Street Ale House.

You can also find them on Twitter at @HenryStreetAle