“In the Kitchen” pickled up beer-pickled red onions and beer-pickled cucumbers in the first part of this video.

The resulting beer-pickled cucumbers and onions were remarkably different from traditionally pickled cucumbers and onions. The additional flavors of sweet malt and a touch of hops accentuates the herbs and spices we used, especially with the pickled onions.

Basic Beer Pickles

Using beer, instead of water, adds special flavor. The amount of sweet and bitter in the beer is intensified by the spices and herbs as well as the salt and sugar in the brine. It is best to use light colored ales and lagers for the best results. Darker beers will cause many veggies to take on a rather unappetising color. The sweeter flavors of stout and porter style beers will confuse the essential flavors of the herbs, spices and veggies. The use of lager style bright colored beers add a subtle hint of grain without being too sweet or too bitter.

Should you not have the time to visit us while we made these pickles (by clicking on the following link BEER PICKLES PART ONE) here is the basic information you will need to make your own beer-pickled onions, cucumbers, and just about anything else of that sort.

Basic Beer Pickles Brine

BRINE: This combination of vinegar, beer, salt and sugar is essential to all pickling. The ratio of these items can be stretched but, in general, the two to one ratio of water/beer to vinegar is standard. For the beer pickles the basic brine is two cups white vinegar and four cups of beer. Added to the vinegar and beer add four tablespoons of salt and four teaspoons of sugar. The type of salt and sugar will affect the flavor of the pickles in subtle ways. Bring all of these ingredients to a boil, Dissolve all the sugar and salt. Turn off the heat and get the jars of veggies ready.

As noted above, when using beer try to use the same style of beer in order not to get too many flavors contrasting. Also, I would strongly suggest that you do not use dark colored beers as they tend to make the pickles look “muddy”.



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