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Welcome to Founders Harvest Ale 2018 Tasting Notes

The good folks at Founders Brewing Co. sent me this sample of their seasonal brew.

The folks at Founder Brewing Company invited me to an event hosted by the co-founder of Founders, Dave Engbers and Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki. This beer was featured in an introduction tasting.

Brewers Tasting Notes

The story of how the fresh hops are gathered and rushed to the brewery was informative and entertaining. Jeremy explained how the volatile oils of fresh-picked hops are different from hops treated to the traditional “ageing”.  These fresh picked hops gave a particular flavor, as you will see in this video. The brewer’s explanation gave me answers to questions I had when tasting this beer and a new understanding of the aromatic and flavor profile of the fresh hop.

“Wet Hopping” and “Dry Hopping”

“Wet Hopping” describes the process of adding freshly picked hops in the brew kettle when the sweet liquid is brought to boil in the brew kettle.

“Dry Hopping” describes the addition of hops to the fermenting beer. This is in addition to the hops used in the brew kettle when the sweet liquid from the mash tun is boiled together with hops.

Why “Wet Hop” a Beer?

The volatile oils in the hop flower, or cone, are lost when the hops are dried in the traditional manner. Fresh hops release these oils in the fermenting beer for a more delicate flavor than when boiled. The additional flavors complement the flavors of the malt and the esters that are by-products of fermentation.

All “Tasting Notes” are as objective as possible. Nevertheless, all who believe that beer is more than just a cheap way to get a buzz on, are prejudiced to one style or another. Even the Beer Police must admit a rigid acceptance of their guidelines.

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