On 12 October 2018, on a trip through New Hampshire, I stopped in Portsmouth, NH and dropped at Liars Bench Brewing Co. for a chat, and a sip or two.

The name of the brewery pays homage to the small-town New England piece of real estate. It was the bench in front of the country store or post office. Here was the place for telling tall tales and believing none of them.

Portsmouth, NH is a city with at least half a dozen small breweries. We have visited Great Rhythm recently. Also on the list are Portsmouth Brewing Co. and Smuttynose Brewing Co., when it was in Portsmouth.

.We have visited Portsmouth Brewing Co.

We also visited Smuttynose Brewing Co. when it was in Portsmouth

I took a growler away as well as the story of the brewery as told to me by co-owner and brewer, Dane Nielson.

This video introduces you to the tap room and lets you in on the story as told by the man who does the brewing.

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