Recently the folks from the public relations department at Boar’s Head sent me a press release featuring their branded cheeses and the styles of beer that enhances the experience of enjoying the cheese.

It occurred to me that over the years I have read articles about, watched videos about, and participated in more cheese and beer tastings than there are brands of beer on your local package store/deli/market.

Each of the above involved beers and cheeses that were particular to the region where the writer, videographer, tasting was situated.

In the sense of fair-play and in an attempt to involve as many folks as possible, I am taking this opportunity to share with you the press release as sent to me in the understanding and belief that each and every product mentioned in this press release and all of the beers mentioned are available in every state of the United States. Those of you residing in Canada, Mexico and on the other continents, I can only suggest a visit to the good old United States of America for the opportunity to fully appreciate the experience.

Without further ado I present a rather helpful piece of marketing including my beer suggestions featuring nationally available brands.

N.B. – I have received no compensation in any way from any of the companies mentioned in the following editorial offering.


“Vermont Cheddar / Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – Crafted in the Green Mountain state with whole milk sourced from regional family dairy farms, Boar’s Head Vermont Cheddar cheese has a mild flavor and creamy texture, pairing nicely with the floral, fruity and citrus notes of an American pale ale. This medium-bodied beer with a hint of caramel carries with it a toasted maltiness. American pale ale is one of the most food-friendly styles to enjoy, especially with a cheddar cheese.”

“Muenster / Allagash Belgian-Style Ale – Typically less bitter than other pale ales, the Belgian Ale boasts some sweet-to-toasty malt overtones. The mellow flavored, semi-soft Boar’s Head Muenster Cheese is the perfect balance to bring out more of the sweet flavor notes within the Belgian Pale Ale.”

“Asiago / Angry Orchard Cider – Aged for a firm texture, Boar’s Head Asiago is a robust cheese carrying a nutty flavor and a faint sharpness. With ciders carrying more of a tart and sweet profile, the sharpness of Asiago helps to cut through, with the nutty flavor complementing the fruit notes within a cider.”

“Mozzarella / Brooklyn Pilsner – Traditionally, Pilsners have a higher level of carbonation and carry floral aromas and a crisp finish. More of a medium-full bodied beer, it works well against the fresh, creamy milk flavored Boar’s Head Mozzarella. It’s the product of exceptionally high standards, crafted with sea salt and no artificial flavors, delivering a soft and delicate texture that wonderfully complements a wide variety of recipes.”

“Manchego / Newcastle Brown Ale – With a crumbly consistency and complex flavor that evokes Spain’s windswept La Mancha region, Boar’s Head Manchego is a flavorful cheese, crafted in the Old-World style from sheep’s milk and aged 12 months. Intense Manchego complements the sweetness of fruits such as quince as well as the coffee and nut flavor notes of an American Brown Ale.”

“Blue Cheese MarBleu TM / Anchor Porter – Most porters today carry some combination of chocolaty, caramel or licorice flavor notes. Drinkable in both cold weather and warm, the versatility of the beer is what generates its popularity. Boar’s Head Blue Cheese MarBleuTM is masterfully blended to deliver a creamy yet distinctive bleu flavor that can be sliced without crumbling and complements the creamy texture of a Porter very nicely.”

“Baby Swiss X Guinness Stout – Similar to that of a Stout, Boar’s Head Baby Swiss Cheese has a mild, distinctively nutty flavor. This American addition to the classic Swiss cheese family is made with whole milk for a creamy texture that accents the milky, chocolaty flavor of a traditional Stout.”