Now that the temperature is on the rise, and summer is on the way, the thirst for beer is growing, especially beers with lower alcohol by volume.

Originating in the United Kingdom, the “Shandy” is a drink based on equal measures of lager beer and a sparkling soft drink. The most popular soft drinks used are carbonated lemon drink, ginger beer, ginger ale. The proportions are adjusted to taste, usually half-and-half.

The drink goes by the following monikers as well, depending on the part of the world where it is enjoyed.


Biermischgetränke (“beer-based mixed drinks”) uses German-style carbonated lemonade.


Radler (German for “cyclist”) commonly consists of a 50:50 mixture of beer and sparkling lemonade. The credit for introducing this drink to Germans has been credited to Munich innkeeper Franz Xaver Kugler in 1922. Radler popular in all of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Netherlands, and Romania.


A ”Panaché (French for mixed) is a draft beer mixed with carbonated lemonade usually containing less than 1% alcohol by volume. A panaché with a shot of grenadine syrup added is called a “Monaco”.


Australian variant 1/2 and 1/2 Stout and Lemonade (traditionally Coopers Best Extra Stout).


A shandygaff is an older British name for beer mixed with ginger beer or ginger ale; the earliest written record of the word dates back to 1853.

Kip Lin

In Singapore, a 50/50 mix of lager and Tonic water is known as a Kip Lin, named after the architect and architectural historian Lee Kip Lin (1925 – 2011) believed to have invented it.


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