The “Tasting Notes” section of will soon be back on-line as soon as a few production glitches can be resolved.

While the search for lights and cables goes on there is a ten ton gorilla in the room.

The gorilla’s name is “Dead Beer”.

There are at least three good reasons not to sample more than one or two ounces of beer when doing a professional and semi-professional beer tasting. The first is that your taste receptors are easily board. Three beers are the limit for my little flavor finders. After a light breakfast the consumption of beverage alcohol can be detrimental to comprehension and logical construction. Finally, it chips away at self-discipline, an essential attribute when self-employed.

This brings me to the obvious question:

What do you do with ten ounces of very good beer left in the bottle after sampling a beer at a “tasting” event?

I appreciate your response and plan on sharing with the rest of the readers.

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Peter LaFrance