Sip, Taste & Brew Notes for Grand Teton Bone Warmer Imperial amber Ale

My Thoughts:

This is a brew that should be shared. First, it comes in a 750 ml. bottle and second, it is 8.2% alcohol by volume.

Needless to say, after looking at the technical data below, and noting the hefty alcohol content, the temptation is to “cellar” this brew and let it rest for a year or so. Then comes the anticipation of opening a beer that promises to offer rich flavors and a truly bone-warming experience. Both of these are found with this “One-Off” from Grand Teton Brewing Company.

The rich flavors are, after a bit less than a year in the bottle, blended so tightly that what at first seems to be a one-note flavor soon develop into subtle nuances that demand slow sipping to fully appreciate. Take your time with this brew and let the flavor and warmth develop. As I mention in the above video, share this with a friend or two and enjoy with a good meal and conversation.

The Technical Data:

Style: “Imperial Amber Ale”

Malt: Idaho 2-row Metcalfe, Harrington barley malt, dark German Munich, Caramel.

Hops: Idaho Chinook.

IBU: 22

SRM: 36

Abv. : 8.2%

Original Gravity: 22 Plato


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