Once upon a time, 14 January, 2013 to be exact, I posted a blog called “Gone but not forgotten… NEWMAN’S”.

It featured the following bottle-shot…


Not too long ago, 2 September 2014 to be exact, I received the following note via e-mail…

Hi Peter-

I stumbled on your 1/14/13 blog post about Bill Newman/Albany Amber today.  I was lucky enough to be a very small part of Newman’s history.  I attended graduate school at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY in 1983-1984 to finish my MBA.  I became acquainted with Newman’s Albany Amber while I was in school.  My housemates and I had a cube of Albany Amber, or Pale Ale, or Winter Ale, in our refrigerator most of the time. I got to know the brewery just a little better when a couple of my classmates did a market research project for Bill Newman in early 1984, about the time he was getting ready to release Newman’s Beer. See attached picture from about 1985 of me in my Newman’s Brewery rugby shirt.

I had saved a few empty cubes and their cardboard boxes well into the 2000s until a leaky porch roof destroyed them. I still have some some Newman’s Brewery glassware.  

Did you get many responses to this blog post?  Any idea what ever became of Bill Newman after the brewery closed?


Tedd Snyder


After thanking Mr. Snyder for his contribution it occurred to me that I might offer you, dear reader, the opportunity to share any brewery recollections you might have. Think of it as your contribution to history.

Don’t be shy. You can either reach me via the forms on the left hand side of this page or at peter.lafrance@beerbasics.com. Requests for anonymity will be honored.