It was a warm, make that hot and humid, early mid-week afternoon. I was over dressed, in turtle neck shirt, wool jacket and winter-weight felt fedora. I had neglected to include the tourist-induced pedestrian congestion on the Brooklyn Bridge in my calculation of how long it would take to walk the couple of miles into Manhattan to the Dead Rabbit. There it was where I had an appointment with a beer and another member of the Norwich University Corps of Cadets. Late reporting to post was at least ten demerits.

The fates were with me and he forgot the tourist-induced World Trade Center Memorial congestion between the ferry dock on the west side and the rendezvous point.

Contact was made and a goodly number of beers slaked both thirst and tourist-toleration.

The following is a one minute visit to the Dead Rabbit Grocery (first floor in the back) & Grog (where we will be) and restraint (upstairs)…