For as long as I can remember the phrase has been bantered about that “Beer is not just for breakfast anymore!”

I will admit that in my checkered past there were a few Sunday mornings when, to quote Jonny Cash, “…the beer I had for breakfast tasted good, so I had one for desert.” That admitted; let me assure you that those two-course breakfasts have not been a part of my culinary regimen for quite some time.

Nevertheless, as a part of a balanced diet of fat, salt, sugar and beer, I have recently had the pleasant opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the state of New Hampshire. In that fine state it is possible to enter a restaurant on a Sunday morning and begin breakfast with a beaker of liquid bread. Allow me to elaborate…

 The following series of illustrations make a very strong case for the observation that beer is a most acceptable part of a balanced-diet (see above) breakfast.

First of all is the refreshing rehydration that is necessary after a good night’s slumber.

Next, beer has the ability to add a touch of hop-tang contrast to the flavors of sweet and salty. Balancing these flavors is an important aspect in determining the best breakfast menu selections.

Finally, beer either adds to the smooth entry into another fabulous day of opportunity, or reinforces the necessary resolve needed to turn a day with lack of promise into a day to be later appreciated as a valuable learning experience.