Yesterday, as part of a beer-trek through Vermont and adjacent New York, the first stop was in Windsor, VT and the Harpoon Brewery there.

It was a relaxing visit, without the usual prearranged interviewing and photo sessions.

This time I was not a working journalist, I was a “civilian”…

The short visit did include a brew and a sampling from the bar menu. As you can see from the following picture, the selection is impressive and, seasonally leaning toward the UFO line of wheat-based brews.

Nevertheless, since it is only available at the brewery in Boston and the brewery in Windsor, my choice of libation was the Harpoon Ale.

It was a true “blast from the past”… actually not as much of a hop blast as when first on the market, but a memorable trip down memory lane.

The bar menu was also a selection of traditional bar snacks with the exception of a tasty treat from our friends to the north… Canada. The choice was a serving of Poutine.

The beverage chosen to accompany this culinary treat was one of the latest Harpoon efforts… UFO Big Squeeze… a wheat beer with a touch of orange. It was a refreshing complement to the dark gravy, nicely melted cheese curds and crisp frites.

Resisting the temptation to pick up a growler of the Harpoon Ale… we were on our way.

Next stop Glens Falls, NY.