Thanks to all who offered their beer snack suggestions. The following made the first cut, in order of arrival…

May 5

Tod Mott       

Good day Peter,

 I think one of my favorite snack foods with beer would be Fried Frenched Potatoes!! With a garlic aioli or truffled ketchup. Of course the ideal frying liquid would be duck fat. I know this is truly decadent but at one of my favorite stops in Portland ME is a restaurant of all places called: Duckfat from owner/chef Rob Evans, who, by the way, won a James Beard award….. and yep, you can find duck fat in quite a few of the menu items. Pretty crazy good! Peanuts are also pretty tasty with beer as are pretzels. Cheers!

A man after my own heart (see The perfect snack for beer drinkers!  )!


Steve Frank  

You missed an obvious one which we have at our weekly tastings. Pretzels. Best snack going for beer. Just check out bars and the pretzel necklaces at beer festivals.

Agreed, and they pose so nicely with beer (see Beer & Pretzel – Four Studies ). And thanks to this note from Charles Story, it looks like Harpoon has a lock on preparation and presentation in Boston!


Charles Storey – Pretzels, boiled in Harpoon IPA and then baked, our Beer Hall

Charles M. Storey

Sr. V.P. Marketing

Harpoon Brewery


Leah Stoker – Hi Peter!  Chips and salsa!

For some reason chip and salsa have not received the respect they deserve… Just wait until next Cinco de Mayo!


Nalo Jones –  Cheese sticks, buffalo wings, and onion rings…

I think I have that covered, pun intended, in the above presentation of the “Fisherman’s Platter” offered by a hotel restaurant in Plymouth, MA.

May 6

Alex Hall – Blue Stilton cheese + IPA

Sorry Alex, no pictures of a good Slilton poses with a jar of I.P.A. but I offer the O’Hara’s with the Irish Blue (see A taste of… O’Hara’s Irish Stout )


Until next time… let me know if I missed something that readers should know about.