Carlton Draught, Victoria, Australia

Since 2006 the Carlton Draught organization has made a name for itself world-wide. This is not to say that beer drinkers all over the world are refreshing their taste buds with chilled Carlton Draught.

The following three examples of video/television advertising show why the brewery is becoming known world-wide.  

It’s A Big Ad

The first example is one of the earliest productions featuring a cast of thousands and a rousing rendition of a piece of music with lyrics slightly altered from the original. The rendering of the image of beer out of chaos is amusing but in the end… no sight of the beer.


Slow Motion/(Nessun Dorma)

This is one of the most recent examples of the Carlton sense of humor… The premise is that the male oafs of the world, commonly found in the bars and pubs of Australia, can be made to see poetic creatures… when seen in slow-motion, using the powerful score of Nessun Dorma with a slightly altered libretto. Similar to the above…


Carlton Brings Down The House/(Ode to Joy)

The third presentation also features a familiar score , Ode to Joy, without the embellishment of amusing lyrics. The sky-diver formations echo the “Big Ad”, the use of familiar classical music echoes the “Slow Motion” but this one actually brings down a house. And you never see the beer.