Last week I asked myself, and the readers of, a simple question… “Why do I drink Beer?


It is a simple question and yet it elicits many answers. The reason for this is that it is not a simple refreshment made in only one style and sold in uniform containers. Salt, sugar, milk and orange juice come to mind as staple products, contrary to the boasts of advertisements. Beer is a different product. Quaffed, sipped, chugged, and savored are each different experiences and not for each beer brewed.

That noted, the following are your thoughts on “Why do I drink Beer?”

From a member of the press, Bill Downs of Homebrewing News…

Why do you drink beer?:

I enjoy beer because I appreciate (especially after becoming a BJCP judge) the effort, the brewers touch, and the craftsmanship that goes into a beer!
One hundred different brewers can brew the exact same beer and they will all have their own subtle nuances: The symmetry of the fermenter, the subtle variations in the individual process, that and 100 variables make each brewer’s touch special. As long as care is taken in the sanitation process, they will all be good!

From Tod Mott, a brewer some of you might know about…

Hello Peter,

 The question you posed of “why do you drink beer?” is actually quite simple to respond to. I drink beer because I like the taste and I like the results of having a few beers and talking with friends.  

The complexity brought about by certain brewing processes is as intriguing as beer styles. Because I am a brewer I have that insiders aspect of knowing the process intimately. With this knowledge I am able to ascertain the why’s and how’s.

Certain beers are just better with food than some wines. I was brought up to understand and respect wine and with that knowledge I, too, respect beer and it’s plethora of flavors. The whole yellow fizzy aspect is a non-issue to the cognoscenti…… it has it place among the millions who find solace in things that are non-threatening. A 30 pack make a pretty substantial argument about volume economics.

Many folks are happy with status quo but as the research shows the craft movement is blossoming and growing at a good rate. The growth of the movement has not been meteoric but steady and strong. The reasoning behind the steady growth is related to the quality and  variety of well-crafted tasty beer.

You said why you liked to drink beer and also:  “in a cooler and calmer climate there are also rich flavored tasty beers to enhance contemplation and sooth the soul. These are not quaffing beers. These are beers that are slowly sipped in contemplation. And it tastes so good.” 

This is reason enough to enjoy why I like to drink beer.


Tod Mott  

Brewing Scientist and educator Greg Casey offers his thoughts…


I drink beer because every time I do I feel a connection with my deceased father and the generations of Caseys before him who enjoyed a pint – the tradition is a wonderful feeling and one that makes me reflect on my heritage. Also enjoy the discovery of beer given the explosion of the craft industry and the different beer styles available – it is such a wonderful time to be alive in America. For me, those are two internal reason along with the relaxation beer induces.

Take care,