Not too long ago, actually it was 12 July 2011, soon after 508 Gastropub was licensed, I had a most interesting interview with Chef/Brewer Anderson Sant’anna De Lima. The video was shot by photographer Ginalola Lowry under less than ideal conditions. The brewery had just been licensed and Chef was an enthusiastic brewer. Nine days later, unannounced, we returned and rather enjoyed a “beer and food pairing” lunch. It was dutifully reported.

Last week I had the opportunity to revisit 508, now featuring a new brewer, Chris Cuzme, risen from the homebrewing ranks to become, as he says, “a keg cleaner that brews beer in his spare time.” Why don’t I let him explain the operation…

His enthusiasm for brewing shows in his brews. I was there to report on his coffee flavored brew called “Bump N’ Grind” brewed in collaboration with Pour Standards Homebrew Club of Staten Island, the beer is a 3.8% session cold brewed coffee ale featuring freshly roasted coffee beans from Richmond County’s Unique Coffee Roasters. I can report that the brew was refreshing and not overcome by the coffee.

What interested me just as much was that it was collaboration with a homebrew club. And there was the start of a thread I hope to pick up and follow for a year or so, reporting on the coming collaboration with the ten homebrew clubs in the city of New York.

I’ll keep you posted….