There are certain beers, such as your favorite brewpub stout, certain foods, such as hot-cross-buns, and certain celebrations, such as Oktoberfest, that you have to go to, wait for and visit the original. Substitutions are poor imitations. And yet there are exceptions.

More years ago than I care to remember I had the pleasure of visiting Montreal PQ on a mission to visit as many brewpubs in the allotted time as possible. You might remember my story about Le Reservoir, or Beneleux. While sitting in both places, especially Le Reservoir, I wished they could be magically transported to Brooklyn. The food, beers and ambiance came together becoming a transcendent moment. Be careful what you wish for my friends.

Sometimes it is not a bad thing to wish for something and it comes about to happen. I’ll give you a good example.

Early in 2010 a young man by the name of Noah Bernamoff brought Montreal to Brooklyn. An enthusiastic entrepreneur, Bernamoff missed the flavors of his hometown Montreal so much he decided to plant the seed of Quebec Jewish Cuisine in Brooklyn, NY and see what happened.

It happened and it became so popular he has a satellite in Manhattan and a separate “brisket brining/curing/smoking” kitchen operation and is expanding into merchandising.

But that’s the way it is today, check out his site… MILE END.

Let me take you back to 2010 on a chilly January afternoon and visit the place soon after it first opened. In the beginning it was a real hands on operation. Take a look…