This posting takes a look back over the last two years and highlights the more interesting postings on BeerBasics. I hope you enjoy the review as much as I did putting it together.

Two summers ago it was a time of tasting notes… 2 August 2011 I asked you if  you “Remember “compare & contrast”? Tasting notes ’10 and ’11 for Dundee Kolsch Style Ale

The next day, we (Ginalola was my photographer then) paid a visit to Brinkley’s, one of the hot bars in lower Manhattan… “Beer Basics visits… Brinkley’s

Six days later it was “BeerBasics tasting notes… Schaefer Beer

Then, on 12 August 2011, the folks from Pilsner Urquel held their “Master Homebrewer Competition” in Manhattan. Naturally BeerBasics was there… “Beer Basics visits the Pilsner Urquell Master Homebrewer Competition”.

Rounding out the month of August 2011 was a visit to Coney Island and the opening of then the world’s smallest commercial brewery… “World’s Smallest Commercial Brewery”.

Last year was almost as much fun.

The first week of August 2012 was a time to remember… my first one… beer that is. The following link will tell the whole story. “BeerBasics first one!”

The truth be told, other than the tasting notes, August 2012 had only one highlight… my treatise on “Mussels and Beer”.

Half way through August 2013 and already the book review of “The Wet and The Dry”, a “Song of Rebellion”, the end of “The Long Trail Story” and another treatise, this time on “Oysters”.

I hope you are looking forward to September. I know I am!