My association with Mary-Catherine Deibel, Deborah Hughes and Upstairs on the Square (nee Upstairs at the Pudding), in Cambridge, MA goes back to 2000 and what was known as the Boston Dine-Around.

The Dine Around was a successful effort to bring attention to the then-developing boom in eclectic dining in Boston. The influx of young chefs and the appreciation of fine dining on a less pretentious platform infused an energy that made the grey months of pre-spring the ideal time to bring attention to the restaurant revival. The idea was to bring the celebrity of authors of new cookbooks together with Boston restaurateurs that showed both to their best advantage.

The key was to get a local company to sponsor the two dinners that presented the price fixed menu, an evening with a recognized author, and a chance to own an inscribed copy of that book. In my case it was the folks at Harpoon Brewing Company that sponsored my two dinners in 2000. They must have liked me because they asked me back the next year.

That being noted I offer the following illustration of a well-crafted brew, Offshore I.P.A. (Martha’s Vineyard, MA), with the oysters mentioned on the special Grill Nights 2013 menu.

The illustration below is obviously the lobster from the special Grill Night menu. However, I cannot swear that the beer is not a Peaks Organic Summer Ale. Blame it on the beer, the ambiance, and the company I keep. (Thank you Virginia…) Nevertheless the lobster was nicely charred and sweet and the beer was crisp. Both were immensely enjoyed.

(Disclaimer: This is a biased, emotionally laden, unprofessional review of this fine establishment.

And every word is truth.)