The Mayflower Brewing Company is tucked away in a small industrial park just outside of downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts. The front entrance is well-marked but not easy to find.

Only a grain silo in back gives it away.

Once through the front door we were in the tasting room area and welcomed by retail manager Sarah Richardson.

After a chance to taste their four year round products…  it was time to visit the brewhouse.

PALE ALE (Flagship)

Traditional English pale ales have mild malt character and aroma offset by pronounced hop bitterness. Mayflower Pale Ale is a dry version of this classic beer style. Its bready and toasted malt flavor is balanced by earthy and herbal aromas from two varieties of traditional English and American-grown hops.

GOLDEN ALE (Our Mildest)

Mayflower Golden Ale is crisp and dry with a slight malt flavor and a subtle hop spice. This straw-colored ale offers easy drinkability for the novice yet plenty of flavor for the discriminating connoisseur.


Mayflower IPA balances a powerful hop profile with full malt flavor to create a smooth brew with well-rounded bitterness. Four varieties of American hops lend a delightful piney flavor and fruity aroma.

PORTER (Our Darkest)

Mayflower Porter is a rich, complex brew that is smooth and full-flavored. Five varieties of malted barley provide notes of roasted coffee beans and bittersweet chocolate with a hint of smokiness.



Here is the brewhouse… the grist mill is above the mash tun and to the right is the kettle.

After chilling and it’s sent through the filter shown below it’s off to the nearby fermentation tanks doing yeoman duty turning the wort into ale.

For the next few minutes Sarah Richardson (we met in the tasting room) and I will take you on a tour of the Mayflower Brewery.


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