For all of you who have been breathlessly waiting to learn what beer will be featured at this year’s annual “July 4th” cookout today? The answer can be viewed below…


Yes that is a four-pack of DAD’S as a special request.

Why Brooklyn Summer Ale?

For many years American Thrifty on Court Street in Brooklyn, NY was an outstanding source for select specialty beers and the many craft beers just getting on the market. It was the place to go in the Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights/Borum Hill area. It was where I went looking for what I had planned to take to the cookout, a Harpoon Summer Vacation Pack. However there was no Harpoon product on the shelves when I did a three time walk-through of the shelves and cold-box. When I asked at the checkout it only got more confusing and so I picked up the iconic Brooklyn Brewery offering as it was stacked within reaching distance.

What did I learn this “4th of July”? First, recon is essential. Second, never assume. (You know how that goes.) Finally… Adapt, Adjust, Overcome.

I’m looking forward to letting you see the reaction to my education experience will be at the cookout.

If you would all be so kind, it would help me immensely if you would share your experience in choosing the perfect beer to take to a cookout. It will give me a better chance the next time I get asked.

On my way so wish me luck!