Greetings to all!

Thanks for letting me know which beer to bring to the cook-out!

The suggestions and the results follow… I’m now leaning to the I.P.A. or smoked beer.

The winner will be posted, with pictures and a paragraph with each one explaining the scene of the crime.

The results:

Nancy Lubin Bochichio… root
Tuesday at 9:13pm ·

Kate wrote: “good beer!”

Jon wrote: “Harpoon IPA.”

Richard wrote: “Mother’s Milk” from the Kingston Brewery!”

Richard wrote: “Ballantine Ale in a bottle. Nice to smell when opened!”

Rich wrote: “How about Smithwicks? Compromise, Beer Whisperer.”

Benjamin wrote: “Saison, saison, saison”

Brian wrote: “I’ll drink to that Young Skywalker. BTW, I’m not your father.”

Tom wrote: “Depends on weather for me, at 80+, I’m leaning towards the more refreshing end. If I’m eating beef, I’m thinking IPA, if I’m staying with the chicken & veg, a good craft pilsner or a pale.”

Christopher wrote: “I typically think of a wheat beer as a meal in and of itself, but Wolaver’s Wildflower Wheat is light and pale, making it more refreshing and pretty versatile with food. It’s my summer go-to, whenever I can find it.”

Re: [The League of Extraordinary Beer Drinkers] If you were at a cook-out featuring grilled beef,…

Ryan Vititoe.

2:14pm Jul 2

A case of 21st Amendment Brewery Hell or High Watermelon.

Hopheads Homebrewing

2:10pm Jul 2

Probably a dopplebock…or you want darker? Go rich with a belgian dark strong. I love imperial stouts but not for a cook-out.

Robert Gibbons

2:28pm Jul 2

I’ve never really thought of darks as summer beers.

Hank Spalinger

2:22pm Jul 2

Founders Porter for sure.

Shawn Smith

2:30pm Jul 2

Cigar City cucumber saison

Floyd H Smith Jr

2:37pm Jul 2

I have your answer..Rauchbier. Perfect for smoky BBQ especially ribs )

Ron Dudely Swiger

3:01pm Jul 2

Dancing Man Wheat from New Glarus

Mark Miller

3:05pm Jul 2

marzen, something like Negra Modelo or a good local marzen, don’t know what’s available in your area, It depends on seasonings.

John McMillen

3:07pm Jul 2

I say you drink whatever you like. There is no right answer.

Trey Wickwire

3:07pm Jul 2

Try a Smoked Porter from Stone.

Linda FitzGibbon

3:28pm Jul 2

I was thinking the Stone IPA. IMHO dark beers are too heavy for summer.

Jason Spahn

5:38pm Jul 2

Personally, I can’t help but reccomend a saison for summer grilling. Sorachi Ace since you’re in NY.

Eric Norris

7:21pm Jul 2

Sam Adams porch rocker is moving up my list as a good summertime beer.

Benjamin Kilduff

7:50pm Jul 2

I would go with a pale ale. Lagunitas New Dog Town. Yum


“A good craft Pilsner or a Pale Ale.”

“Cigar City cucumber Saison”

“Dancing Man Wheat”


“Founders Porter”

“Harpoon IPA.”


“Lagunitas New Dog Town”

“Mother’s Milk”

“Negra Modelo”




“Sam Adams Porch Rocker”

“Sorachi Ace”

“Stone IPA”

“Stone Smoked Porter”

“Wolaver’s Wildflower Wheat”

“21st Amendment Brewery “Hell or High Watermelon”