The Brewers Association’s Craft Beer Conference is taking place this week in Washington, DC. There are hundreds of brewers and brewing-industry professionals attending and sitting in on scores of seminars. It is the perfect environment for any journalist who covers the beer industry.

Months ago I started making arrangements to attend with a fellow journalist. The bus trip was economical and ended less than two blocks from the hotel… which was a good walk to the convention center.

If you want to make the gods laugh I would suggest telling them you have things all planned out. When the gods are amused the smite us and that is what happened.

Not able to travel, I’m filing this piece sitting at my usual post here in Brooklyn, USA. A journalist who had to tell the coach (himself) that it is a disservice to the team (readers) to do half a job.

Now, as a journalist, to take yourself out of the game is unthinkable. To pass up the opportunity to mine the brains and guts of an industry as eclectic as the small brewers of this country is something no living journalist would pass up. (I can safely assume that dead journalists are all resting peacefully and don’t want to be disturbed by the present.) Yet, here I sit in Brooklyn…

Why do I post this message? I have to post it. It is what I do and what I am… a journalist. Solid research or blathering in the end it is what I do. Ask a professional athlete the same question… Why do you do it? I am sure you will get the same answer…”It’s what I do.”

And so I sit here, not covering the biggest “beer story” in the nation. In the same way a professional athlete uses being on the disabled list to repair bodies and refresh minds, I’ll get ready to contact those who were there and do a follow-up series.  

Was it worth it taking myself out of the game? I don’t know yet but that’s my story and there is more to come.

By the way…

I write this blog because beer fascinates me and I want to tell as many people as I can about it.

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