After I turn off the stuff attached to his keyboard and call it a day I am off to a stretch of the legs and a bit to eat and, more importantly, to drink.

These afternoon walks follow some well-worn paths and less –often a new place. Word of mouth is one of the best advertising I know of for a drinking establishment. Word of mouth from someone in the service industry is even more valuable. And so I spend most of my late afternoons, either visiting familiar places or visiting new stores.

My favorite perch is usually at the service end of the bar, a bit out of the way, but convenient to the bartender. It is also a great place to hear the staff gossip and the latest dish on this or that customer. Nevertheless there is always one seat I find interesting… the window seat at the end of the row, the corner seat.

The person brave or oblivious enough to sit there is going to be a point of attention simply due to their place close to the window and seat set to be seen. And then there are those quiet afternoons that bartenders hate. This was one of those afternoons… the bar could be anywhere, almost. The light coming through the window tells of a lack of tall buildings close by that block the sky in major cities. The winter afternoon light has a slightly blue tone to it. The angle lends a slightly softer light that paints an almost romantic picture.

It was a very quiet afternoon.