Here we have them ladies and gentlemen! The Cream Ales Cream Ale (4.5% abv 12 IBU) of Portsmouth Brewery! It’s early afternoon and bar-karma finds us two seats. It should be mentioned that the following contest had a preliminary that involved two tasty examples of the new brewer’s art. This cross-tasting calibration would be the excuse for the close attention to the following contest. No betting or wagering of any sort was encouraged, just expected. Now on to the feature event!

On the left, and closest to the camera, is the drafted Cream Ale, only slightly out of focus. On the right hand side of this picture, in sharper focus, and basking in a halo of light, the cask-conditioned contender.

The aromatic first round leaned to the more conditioned contender which I contend was due to the chill on the drafted contestant. The second round of aromatics seemed to confirm the first round observation. It was decided to skip the third round as the judges were thirsty. (Full disclosure… this contest is taking place after a four hour and fifteen minutes road-trip)

The first sip of the conditioned contender was not as sparkling as the drafted contestant and the cellar temperature seemed a bit Caribbean. The second sip had the drafted contestant, with a serious sparkle advantage, attracting the taste judge’s attention. The third swig confirmed the judge’s first impression and as a result the Draft is awarded a TKO over a fine conditioned but just not as tactilely exciting contender.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…