This is my first Great Moment in Beer, a series of presentations of picture and prose that together focus on the title of the series.

In this case it is that moment when the optimist and pessimist are said to define themselves in their perception of the glass container of beer. It is said the pessimist sees the glass as half empty and pines for the first half of the glass, disregarding the promise of the remaining beer. It is said that the optimist sees it as half full of the promise of tasty, refreshing beer and lets the previous half become a “happy place” in their memory.

That noted, I must question the wisdom of “they say”… On closer inspection isn’t that a full half pint of beer? There it is in its’ entirety, no half measure here… a full half pint standing proud and dressed in a pretty Belgian Lace that shyly echoes the lace curtain in the window.

The lighting, the candle and the brown and grey colors add ambiance to the above picture. Together they all combine to compose a picture of an afternoon moment of positive reflection and a very good example of a great moment in beer.