Buffalo Wings is a dish I use to determine the culinary dexterity of the kitchen staff at whatever particular pub, bar, tavern or restaurant I happen to find myself visiting. The variety of the presentations are almost beyond belief…  just this side of infinite. But that is for another series of blogs… A week of Buffalo Wings!

This piece is a confession of an abuse of journalistic privilege.

It should come as no surprise to those who read this blog regularly that breweries send me samples of beers they want me to tell you about.

The object is that I offer my unbiased opinion of the product and write about it… Believe it or not.

Not this time… this time I was drinking for pure pleasure.

The excuse was the recent Super Bowl. This event is sacred in the LaFrance for two reasons. The first is that I’m married to a Mad-Man’s daughter. The second is because this, of all days, is a day to celebrate the Buffalo Chicken Wing. This year, two orders from the Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, USA.

Now comes the confession… it was the beer.


You see, I didn’t remain detached and purchase the traditional yellow beer. No, I opened one of the valuable “sample” bottles. It was a grand Grand Teton Brewing Co. Tail Waggin’ Double White Ale (2010) that was chosen to stand up to the wings and complement them as well. The “Necker” that came with the bottle says this is a 7.2% abv brew with 20 units of International Bitterness Units and an original gravity of 18.

The wings were not so hot as to slow their consumption (two orders) in fifteen minutes. The blue-cheese dressing needed help though.

Now to the “tasting” notes…

“Bright color and poured chilled, the head was a little intimidated. It is a slightly sweet brew with a touch of citric tangs that, with some impressive fruity esters, sooths the heat of the spiced wings.”

It was a most enjoyable light supper… the game? What game?