Nicholas “Nick” Meyer, ICC Homebrew Chef

Earlier we heard what it takes to build and make a beer-friendly establishment when Chef Bradford tapped into the essentials.

Yesterday the concept of making a special point of marketing local beers with an assortment of hamburger sandwiches was explained by Tom Ryan of Smashburger fame.

Today it’s back to school with Chef Nicholas “Nick” Meyer of the International Culinary Center in New York City. On 20 October 2012 Chef Nick presented the first International Culinary Center  “Basics of Homebrewing” course.

When I began brewing beer in five gallon batches back in 1976 the ingredients were scarce and the know-how was almost non-existent. A slim paperback book published in Canada by the Wine Art people guided me through the first few batches. Remember, these were the days before the access to information on the “Internet”…

The phone book (Remember them? Then you are an old person.) was the source of information back then. “Beer Supplies” lead to a number of cold cases (actually) but also to a wine supply shop in Manhattan and one in Elmsford, NY. Marketing was on the hush-hush and the whole process was almost clandestine.

Today things have changed…

I was invited to attend the  Tasting Techniques session as well as watch the class fill and cap the beer they brewed earlier.


After the bottling and capping came the tasting of beers. Chef chose a selection of commercial products that were in the same “style” of beer just bottled by the class.


Might I suggest that if there is a demand then Chef Meyer just might have cause to supply another session? Just ask him yourself… Just click Chef Meyer and ask.