Interview with Chef Bradford Thompson

It’s not often that questions asked by a journalist get anywhere near answered for weeks if not months. Research is most times time consuming and tedious.

Here at BeerBasics things are not any different. After wrestling with divining the definitions of “beer friendly” store (restaurant), beer pub and brewpub for a research project I was still not satisfied with my rather rambling definition of “beer friendly”.

What bothered me was that I knew what I deigned “beer friendly” twenty years ago would not cut muster today. (If you are interested… a “beer pub” is a place that may or may not serve food but does provide a range of fresh unusually interesting beers as well as accepted standards. A brewpub is a food serving establishment that brews the beers served there on premises.)

Then the flying fickle finger of fate pointed my way in the form of one of those press releases that make the weeding of the mornings email monotonous. But there it was… the chance to interview a chef who specialized in creating stores that were focused on beer as an important part of the personality of the store.

Whatever the outcome, it would give me some perspective regarding my observations that ended up in the just finished project.

What follows is the raw footage of my interview with Chef Bradford Thompson of Bellyfull Consulting . In this interview he touches on the four essential steps to being a “beer friendly” store. Of special interest are his coments on determining the number of beers you will feature.

At the beginning, and again at the end, I prove that I am sober by counting to three in the English Language. Actually that was a sound check and was supposed to be edited out.

That, in about five minutes outlines the concept behind being a “beer friendly” store.

There will be more to this story I assure you.

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