This morning features the last of four “beer jelly” tastings from Main Street Produce of Littleton, NC. The types of beers used in the jellies are constantly changing so visit the site to see what is available.

This morning it’s Natty Green’s Old Towne Brown/Chipotle Jelly.

The English muffin was a Thomas’s brand English. One pat unsalted butter was spread on the muffin (half a pat each piece) and the coffee was a Danish Roast from Porto Rico Coffee in New York City. (I’ll bet you are tired of reading the above… but I had to give each “tasting” some consistency.)

This was a rather full-textured version of a jelly. As you can see, I was inspired to use this jelly as a glaze for a sausage patty. The rich and sage-flavored tiny bits of pig parts delivered a real wake-up kick when the sweet-heat arrived. Sweet-heat is a subset of the basic food group “sweet”. I can only imagine a bacon sandwich on sourdough bread and a slathering of this jelly… and an ice-cold can of PBR. Put penny-slices of banana in there and a schmear of peanut butter and call it the “Elvis”… but I digress.

A “taste test” procedure was maintained that made this jelly stand it’s ground on half a toasted and buttered English muffin. The sweet-hot took the field and left the bread as just a support roll.

For the last four days it has been very interesting tasting a morning beer as a jelly or jam. I’ll leave it to you, good reader, to tell me your thoughts on what to do with these flavor friends for lunch.