Pumpkin beer has its fans and its detractors.

As mentioned in previous rants, Bill Owens should be considered the “Father of Pumpkin Beer”. This is despite the fact that there was no pumpkin in the final product.

There was a time when brewers of fermented beverages had to resort to the use of any inexpensive ingredient that had as much sugar as possible. This meant the use of gourds, pumpkin and other grains than malted barley. The challenge of brewing a beer made of such ingredients could only be compared to the challenge of drinking the final product. Of course, if you had to use pumpkin to make a beer you were drinking for effect and not flavor.

Today is different… pumpkin makes it “special” doesn’t it?

Let’s hear from some who have made their living writing about beer…

First of is from last year’s Atlantic, written by Clay Risen , who answers a fellow journalist, Orr Shtuhl of the Washington City Paper, who hates pumpkin brews.

The wine blog SNOOTH weighed in last year with a “History of Pumpkin Beer” featuring Brooklyn Brewery’s Post Road Pumpkin Ale (vintage 2011).

What does Lew Bryson have to say about it? Go back and click on Lew and he’ll tell you.

A few more journalists offer their thoughts… “Pumpkin Ales are Taking Over”… “Brewologist: Drinking pumpkin ale in August?” … and from New Hampshire… “Tasting Notes with Jim Beauregard

What do I think of pumpkin beer?

Every once in a while spice is nice.