Beer & Burger…

Why a beer and a burger? Why not a beer and a taco? Why not a beer and a lobster roll? Why not a beer and a fish taco? Why?

Because that is what I ate today for lunch…

It is/was Tuesday 21 August 2012 and after 1400 hours.

I am hungry and thirsty. I am also tired of listening to the play-list of the Pandora Mad-Man Radio!

That said took my usual walk the waterfront ale house. I will admit to you, a matter where you are reading, it is a beautiful day. The way I am going to walk is quite familiar.

I will be honest with you… Should you ever want to find me you can find me waterfront ale house in Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon between 14. Hours and 1600 hrs.

And so today… This was lunch, the two-cheese burger and a beer.

Beer and beef have an affinity. Actually they are both sweet on each other. And that is the key. This is especially true in a hamburger patty that has more than 70% fat by weight. There was once a time when that ratio in higher end of the beef was tastier. (I wonder why that was.)

The combination of rustic grain and the particular floral flavors that hops bring beer are both part of a flavor profile enjoyment of when paired with grilled or seared ground beef patties that are relaxing on a rich bread bun on a bed of lettuce tomato onion and other condiments.

Let’s not forget the ambience…

You remember that beer that he tasted in Munich it was absolutely fantastic there and less than impressive when tasted by the bottle wherever you happen to live.

Keep that in mind…

This was medium rare with two cheeses!

Back to the burger and beer…

Is this a fast feed?

Or is this a chance to enjoy both?

I can only hope that it is a greater part of the latter!

Bon appétit!