Brooklyn Brewery 79 North 11th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211-1913 (718) 486-7422(718) 486-7422Preface: This 12 oz. bottle of Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale was sent to me via delivery service last week. There is a note stamped on the bottom: “BB Jan 2013 1742 15:47”

The following notes are made after a mouth wash with room temperature sparkling water. These notes have not been influenced by reading promotional material or any other review of this brew.

Also, as the brew was poured at close to 40F, a bit chilly for the style. Should there be any sea-change in flavors while I write and edit this piece I will be sure to include them in the re-write.

I am including this preface to inform the reader of any and all circumstances that might be conceived of as creating a biased review or a conflict of interest regarding the choice of words used in the following review. As I have noted before, I could go on and on with semi-legal jargon but I guess you will just have to trust me eh?

The following are my tasting notes:

Appearance: A bright copper colored brew with a level of carbonation that builds a rocky light tan head of small bubbles. The Belgian lace tatted by those bubbles is long lasting.

Aroma: As soon as I opened the bottle the spiced aroma wafted through the area. As I type these notes the notes linger and sometimes stand out.  So it is time for the first real visit… The first impression is the aroma of mom’s apple pie… The second visit finds a hint of sweet wet grain. The third nose-dive uncovers a hint of spruce.

Mouth feel: Not an ounce of fat on this body…

Flavor: After the first refreshing sensation there is an echo of the mom’s apple pie spices that rush through, leaving a sweet wet grain flavor following at a less frantic pace. The second sip reveals a hidden hop tang that grabs the grain flavors and bumps them along. By the third swig the flavor receptors are calibrated and adjusting the like/don’t like balance and finding a particular balance has been achieved.

Finish: There is a thickness to the finish that is particular to this brew.

Comments: The “Necker” (the label around the neck of the bottle) tells me that “In the 18th Century, colonial Americans brewed wonderful and interesting ales by using local ingredients. Pumpkins were favored by brewers for their rich spicy flavors, which melded perfectly with the malted barley. Brooklyn Brewery gives you Post Road Pumpkin Ale, a delicious rendition of this New England classic.”

Allow me to ask a question? What pumpkin has spicy flavors?

I offer that the brewing of pumpkin beer was done with what are now called sugar-pumpkins due to the fructose in the gourd. The very firm flesh didn’t disintegrate in the brewing process. Ask the folks at the Cambridge Brewing Co. how much fun it was to brew their pumpkin beer a few years ago.

As for the “spicy” comment might I suggest revisiting our interview with Bill Owens the father of Pumpkin Beer.

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