This morning, as I was sorting the latest “beer porn” entries, I took a moment to determine just how many illustrations were in the “Beer Photos” folder. There were over 1,500 beer-specific pictures. This did not include the Craft Beer Conference or any of the various road trips. The search turned up more and more food and beer pictures that brought some rather pleasant memories to mind.

The first is, as you can see, about 19 years old… It was taken when I was editor of Beverage Media and would spend many an afternoon sipping beer at “Nick & Eddie” a restaurant of some reputation at the time, located on the North West corner of Sullivan and Spring Streets in Manhattan. It was there that I learned that a Pilsner went just fine with seared tuna and caviar.

More recently fortune found me visiting New Hampshire quite regularly. One of the pleasant things about that state is that you can legally have a beer for breakfast, even on Sunday… as you can see from the photo bellow taken on 20 May of this year at the Lamprey River Tavern in Newmarket, NH.

The following picture, taken at Bar Tabac in Brooklyn, NY, was taken to illustrate a piece I wrote on fried “Frenched” potatoes… and those were some of the best I have ever tasted.

Back in New Hampshire the beer and potatoes were joined by a hamburger. This is not your usual hamburger. Pictured bellow is a Rocky’s Burger “Special”… the “pot luck” of burgers. You placed your order for well-done, medium or rare and they did the rest. You had to have faith to order one of those burgers. Now under new management, what you see is a “gone but not forgotten” memory.

Back in Brooklyn, USA the Chip Shop on Atlantic avenue can boast that they will deep fry anything. I can assure you that their Deep Fried Twinkie is a perfect match for a pint of Newcastle Brown. On the other hand, and more traditionally, their curried chicken on chips, featured bellow is also a fine match for a pint of bitter.

Now that summer is here I will greatly miss my visits to Pit Stop, a bistro owned by my friend Chef Laurent. Now it is a Thai restaurant on Columbia Place in Red Hook, Brooklyn. But once upon a time the pan roasted Dorade with mashed potatoes and ratatouille they served was perfect with a Hoegaarden … as you can only see.

But the fond memories of food and beer must finally find its way into the realm of traditional comfort food… macaroni and cheese. The following was a special pasta dish recently served at the Portland Brewery, in Portland, NH. The special take on the dish… seafood… of course.

And there you have them… some of my fondest beer and food memories. By the way… what is your favorite beer and food combination?