True, we have been here before… but yesterday it was in search of a Dogfish Head Festina Peche that, at 4.5% abv is now my favorite “session” beer. This made the visit a business trip rather than a play-date.

After a good walk across the Manhattan Bridge (at that time of day – 1200 – the Brooklyn Bridge is as crowded as a beer festival at closing time), up Elizabeth Street through China Town and Little Italy, and then westward on McDougal Street, I found myself thirsty and standing at the bar of The Blind Tiger. This is what it looked like…


I will admit that my first beer was not a Festina. But that was for thirst, not “work”. It was the second pint (I hope you are counting) that was the sought after nectar. Well, not exactly nectar but most refreshing. The peach flavor is something that you must be prepared for or it is a bit more than startling. My drinking buddy “Little John” was less than impressed and passed on to a reliable IPA.

Back to the Festina… the peach flavor tastes of juice rather than puree or extract. This light flavor profile suites the particular flavors found in a wheat beer. Specific esters produced by yeast used to ferment wheat beer are most complementary to the peach esters. My buddy was most impressed with the aromas but failed to fully appreciate the flavors. I, on the other hand, as stated above was more than impressed and will seek it’s like on other business trips.

But what is a good-beer bar without good food? To that point there are daily sandwich and “Mac & Cheese” specials. Pictured below is that day’s version of the essential comfort food… this was elbow macaroni with béchamel sauce and sausage. Yes, the picture is slanted… to show off its best side… and the beer.

The result of this second, or so, visit was a new determination to return and chat with the folks involved in running a place like that.

As they would say in days past… “Stay tuned!”