Brooklyn Brewery 79 North 11th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211-1913 (718) 486-7422(718) 486-7422Preface: This 12 oz. can of Brooklyn Summer Ale was sent to me via delivery service last week. There is a note stamped on the bottom: “BB Sept 2012 0692 13:59”

The following notes are made after a mouth wash with room temperature sparkling water. These notes have not been influenced by reading promotional material or any other review of this brew.

Also, as this is a canned product I tasted it as most consumers would taste it… not too long out of the back or the refrigerator.

I am including this preface to inform the reader of any and all circumstances that might be conceived of as creating a biased review or a conflict of interest regarding the choice of words used in the following review. I could go on and on with semi-legal jargon but I guess you will just have to trust me eh?


The following are my tasting notes:

Appearance: A light honey colored brew with a lively carbonation that builds a dense white head of tiny uniform bubbles. The hint of Belgian lace is there as the head slowly recedes down the sides of the pint glass.

Aroma: The first impression is a grainy aroma with a refreshing cool sensation.  The second exploration finds a honey under aroma with the grain. The third nosedive brought out a hint of sugar rock-candy.

Mouth feel: This is not a thin beer… It is well-built but not bawdy.

Flavor:  After the first refreshing sensation the whispers of flavor are hints and ethereal citric and neither sharp or metallic. The second sip revealed how subtle the flavors are as they slowly develop. The third swig finds a sweet-pear flavor.

Finish: The sweet-pear flavor is the most part of the finish of this brew.

Comments: This is when I take a look at the labeling and discover “Brooklyn Summer Ale is a summer refresher with a difference. The difference comes from the malt – 100% British two-row barley, prized for superior taste. Our Summer Ale is gold in color, with a soft bready flavor, snappy clean bitterness and bright hop aroma, and will taste best before the date indicated.”

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