Last week we had a chance to drop in to Café D’Alsace (1695 2nd Ave, New York 212-722-5133) and visit with Gianni Cavicchi, the Beer Director for the “Tour de France” restaurant group.

First of all let’s give you a quick look at the place…

Now that you’ve been introduced let’s have a beer…


Yes, that is a traditional hard-boiled egg display, with one missing. It was tasty… perfect with a beer or two.

And then Gianni Cavicchi arrived and the conversation got down to serious beer talk. Or serious talk about beer… there was some Vuur Vlam to be tasted first….



While Ginalola took the pictures for this post, Gianni and I did the first tasting.


As you can see… tasting beer is hard work.

As the late afternoon slipped into early evening the three of us enjoyed talking about some of the most interesting beers and places where those beers could be found. Before we left Gianni assured us that some of those beers would be there the next time we visited.

We’ll take him up on his word I can assure you… And you will hear about it!