First things first… using your music machine get some Francis Albert Sinatra tune, circa 1961, or Jerry Vale (same era) torch song working on your mind. Get yourself into a “Mad Men” frame of mind and your body into a pinstriped suit, white shirt, striped neck tie and wing tip black shoes and step into the “21” bar and you have hit your stride.

Now… a ring-a-ding-ding… it’s martini time… extra, extra dry with three olives.


The bar can seat ten folks comfortably, and a few more if they are close friends.

The staff is more than professional… we almost felt like tourists… and she was “recognized” by the bartender as a “regular” with a boyfriend who runs a restaurant.

Were we interested in something to go with that/those beautiful libations?

We were… surf and turf… three shrimp and three “sliders”… and six olives.


Yes, that woman over there is wearing a corsage.

Ahh… the wonderful world of make believe and the bar at “21”…