The Bronx Brewery at Cafe D’Alsace

Yesterday afternoon the Manhattan bistro Café D’Alsace , part of the Tour de France Group, hosted the Bronx Brewery and their introduction of a three-month-old Bourbon Barrel Aged Pale Ale.


Café D’Alsace, 1695 Second Avenue, New York, NY

Chris Gallant poured a few of the three hundred hand capped bottle that was then dipped in black wax to coat the neck of each bottle of Bourbon Barrel Aged Bronx Pale Ale.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Bronx Pale Ale

Chris Gallant pours a sample of Bourbon Barrel Aged Bronx Pale Ale

The brew picked up a good bit of color from the barrels according to Gallant. The bourbon flavor and the flavors from the wood made the hop flavors irrelevant. The malt flavors on the other hand were enhanced considerably and embraced the vanilla finish.

 Viewing a sample of Bourbon Barrel Aged Bronx Pale Ale

The use of oak and bourbon barrels have been enthusiastically accepted by the small brewers and have given the style requirements of Pale Ale and Brown Ale a real stretch. The folks from Bronx Brewery tell me they already have plans for another experimental fermentation.

 Chris Gallant, Peter LaFrance, Damian Brown – brewer (Left to right) Photo by: Ginalola Lowry

What’s next for the Bronx Brewery? They have acquired a wine cask and will be finishing another run of their Pale Ale for fermentation in that cask. You can bet I’ll be there to try the results of that experiment.

Could the development of special fermentations and finishing of flagship brews be the answer to a market that demands new products but seek the familiar?