Spoetzl Brewery 603 East Brewery Street Shiner, TX 77984 (361) 594-4294(361) 594-4294Preface: According to the folks at Spoetzl… “Debuting February 3, Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale will be joining the family of Shiner beers from the Spoetzl Brewery. Shiner Wild Hare is the first ale crafted by the Spode so brewery and is 103 year history.”

This 12 oz. bottle of Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale was sent to me by the folks at Spoetzl Brewery for inclusion in these tasting notes. There was no date stamped on it.

The following notes are made after a mouth wash with room temperature sparkling water. These notes have not been influenced by reading promotional material or any other review of this brew.

The following are my tasting notes:

Appearance: A bright copper colored brew with enthusiastic effervescence that builds an impressive thick, rocky light-tan head of tiny and small bubbles that leave a good Belgian lace.

Aroma: The first impression is a grainy aroma with a touch of lemon or grapefruit. A second visit introduces a brown sugar hint to the overall aroma. A third nosedive combines the first two impressions without any additional undertones.

Flavor: After the first refreshing sensation the flavors are, a quick taste of brown sugar followed by a dry not quite citric flavor. A second sip reveals more of the citric spike and allowes the taste receptors to incorporate the very light brown sugar flavors with the flavor tang from the trace of citric. The third swig leaves the taste receptors satisfied they have missed nothing.

Mouth feel: This is not a heavyweight beer… rather refreshing.

Finish: All of the flavors mentioned previously sprint at the finish leaving a refreshing impression.

Comments: Yes sir… by golly this is a sure shooting Pale Ale… I’ll let the folks from the brewery tell you what their take is on this beer “… a classic American Pale Ale made with American two-row barley with a blend of Munich and Caramel malts for rich malt flavor and clear amber color. US Golding and Bravo hop varieties are used in the kettle and fermenter for crisp bitterness and assertive fresh hop fruit and floral aroma. More than a pound of hops is used to produce each barrel of Shiner Wild Hare.”

I would be tempted to call this a “bitter” although it doesn’t have the sweeter characteristics of that beer. I will admit to being familiar with other Shiner products and, in context, we will be interesting to see how this particular beer is received. This summer, at Texas barbecues, this should be a welcome addition to the more “yellow” beers typically found at these culinary celebrations.

Whether it is a traditional barbecue, smoked low and slow, or a typical backyard grill-fest, this beer would not be out of place. It is refreshing and yet has enough palate cleansing hop characteristic to refresh any carnivorous challenge.

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