Bronx Brewery 7 Bruckner Boulevard Bronx, New York 10454 (718) 514-9000(718) 514-9000Preface: This 12 oz. bottle was given to me by the folks from Bronx Brewery at their Manhattan introduction of their Bronx Pale Ale on purchased Thursday, 10 November 20011 at or around 1530 hours at a place called Amity Hall in NYC. They were also pouring pints of their Pale Ale as well.

The following are my tasting notes:

Appearance: Copper colored brew with hearty carbonation that builds a dense, rocky sandy-tan head of medium and small bubbles that leave a well tatted Belgian Lace.

Aroma: The first impression is toasted grain and a sweet caramel under-aroma. The second visit revealed more of roasted malt as well as additional caramelized sugar aromas. The third nosedive brings out a floral accent that is hidden by a chilly brew.

Mouth feel: This is a well-proportioned body at 6.3% abv.

Flavor: After a refreshing cool sensation the first flavors to arrive are toasted grain with a hint of caramelized sugar. Not as obvious is a slight tang of citric flavor. A second sip revealed more of the citric tang that swirls over the initial sweet flavors. A third swig and the flavors become fused and there is a final ting of apricot.

Finish: The tang of citric hops and that ting of apricot linger long enough to refresh the pallet.

Comments: This is a well-made example of what the correctly call a “American Pale Ale”. It has the “American” tang of Cascade hops and the traditional color and body of a Pale Ale. The balance is well done and makes it a remarkable ale. Most brewers feel they have to tweek a traditional recipe to make their brew stand out. In this case the balance is what makes the brew remarkable.

Food & Beer: Even after writing the above paragraph there was still a trace of the hop finish on my pallet. This calls for a response in the form of roasted red meat. Whether it be beef, bison, elk or venison be sure it is no more than medium rage and well-marbled/larded. The sweet of the rare flesh and the char of the cooking process will make a nice companion to the sweet flavors of the brew. The larding/marbling will add a contrast to the hops tang and allow the finish of the brew refresh the taste receptors after the rich flavors.

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