Big Bottle Blues

There are fourteen 750s sitting in my beer closet. They are pictured below.


I am not a collector… I am a drinker, an enjoyer of fine beer. Faced with such a wealth of material I could use the learned observations of those who read this posting to come to a decision determining the most anticipated “opening” and one that would be best served with a turkey.

From left to right: Saison Dupont (Vieille Provision), Trois Pistoles (Unibroue), The Abyss 2009 Reserve – best after 11/01/10 (Deschutes), Hop in the Dark C.D.A. – best after 05/29/10 (Deschutes), Hop Trip – best after 01/19/11 (Deschutes), Hop Henge IPA – best by 09/29/11, Double Vision Doppelbock  – 2009 (Grand Teton), Sheep Eater Scotch Ale – 2009 (Grand Teton, Tail Waggin’ Double White Ale – 2010 (Grand Teton) Trout Hop Black IPA – 2010 (Grand Teton), Persephone Pils Imperial Pilsner (2011) (Grant Teton), Mirror Mirror 2009 (Deschutes), Excelsior Ten – Batch E!014 (Ithach Beer Co.) and Excelsior Brute – Batch E!027 (Ithaca Beer Co.)

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