Widmer Brothers O’Ryely IPA

Widmer Brothers Brewing Co‎ 955 North Russell Portland, OR 97227 (503) 281-2437(503) 281-2437Preface: This 12 oz. bottle of Widmer Brothers O’Ryely was sent to me by the folks at the Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.. It arrived no later than 1 November 2011 and has been refrigerated since then. The bottle was allowed to slowly warm to just under cellar temperature prior to pouring and tasting. There is a date marker on the label: 07:51 WA SEP 27 11

The taste receptors were refreshed prior to tasting this brew with a rinsing with seltzer water.

The following are my tasting notes:

A maple syrup (grade B) colored brew with enthusiastic carbonation of small and tiny bubbles that build a tall, rocky head of light tan-brown medium bubbles that tat a sturdy Belgian lace.

Aroma: The first impression is of citric aromas of grapefruit. The second visit revealed variations on the grapefruit that slid from lemon to lime. The third nose dive brought out no new surprises.

Mouth feel: At 6.4% abv this is a full bodied but not zaftig brew.

Flavor: The first chilly sensation of cool refreshment was followed by the familiar tang of grapefruit yet not exactly the tell-tale Cascade flavor profile. The second sip revealed an under-flavor of roasted grains that meshed with the tank of the citric flavors. The third swig offered more aromatics and allowed the flavor receptors to recover from the initial sensations and enjoy some of the less obvious variations on the initial grapefruit flavor.

Finish: There is more sweet notes in the finish than in the initial impressions.

Comments: The folks at Widmer Brothers have redesigned their bottled product and extended the line. This is an interesting use of rye and the illustration of the proper serving glass on the label as well as a good amount of explanation of what is in the bottle adds up to a marketing move that educates and gives the consumer a chance to discover rather than just react to a familiar logo.

Food & Beer:  This would be a great “burger” beer because it has a tang that would be enhanced by the char or griddle crust on a burger. The sweet malt finish will develop while the brew warms and will accent the sweet steak flavors of the burgers interior.

The Brewery: Widmer Brothers Brewing Co.

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