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“Meat With A Twist” Cocktail Party To Launch Inaugural NYC Meat Week 

To kick off the first (annual) NYC Meat Week (November 7th-12th) in style, “Meat with a Twist” will bring together the best chefs and mixologists for a cocktail-food pairing party on November 7th from 6-10 p.m. at City Winery. “Meat with a Twist” features 10 cocktails paired with 10 chef selections highlighting local, sustainably grown meat, such as duck, lamb, chicken, pork, beef, bison and ostrich. The party will launch a week’s worth of events throughout the city that celebrate the slow food movement bringing sustainable meat to our tables.

  • ·         Mixologists Zach Fisher (Blue Owl), Allen Katz (Slow Food), and Jim Pickets (Gotham Artisanal) will head up a specialty spirits team mixing Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac, Karma Tequilla, Plymouth Gin, Jameson Irish Whiskey, and Tito Vodka among other sprits.
  • ·         Chefs and Farms include Eataly, Patti Jackson (I Trulli),
  • ·         In addition to the cocktail/food pairings, Gregg Glaser (editor Modern Distillery Age) will curate limited edition samplings will be offered by micro-distilleries Catskills Peace Vodka and Breuckelen Distilling.
  • ·         New York State wines and beers will be offered, alongside limited distilled beers from Hitachino (Japan).

Presented by Food Karma Projects (producers of Pig Island, Cook Out NYC, Brewers4Brewers Japan Benefit, NYC Brewers Choice) in partnership with Food Systems Network NYC, “Meat with a Twist” allows local chefs who support the greenmarket farms and slow food movements to show off their skills, while bringing attention to sustainable meat practices. Jimmy Carbone (Jimmy’s No. 43), explains, “After working with Just Food meat CSAs, such as The Piggery and High Point Farms, NYC Meat Week is meant to be an awareness builder, with sustainable meat-centered events and panels about small family meat farms.”

Updates, tickets, and more information are available at

More than ever, beer is seen as a respectable companion to food in all settings, from casual to very elegant. Beer has such a huge range of flavors, aromas and textures that allow it to perfectly complement nearly any food. The one-day Beer and Food: A Hands-On Encounter course (November 18, 2011) aims to acquaint the participants with the theoretical and practical aspects of putting beer and food together. Combining lectures, tastings, and hands-on activities, this class seeks to break this complex subject down into its important theoretical and practical components, and give students a good working knowledge of matching beer and food and being able to explain the combinations to their audiences.

Topics include:

– Introduction and objectives

– The fundamentals of beer & food

                – The importance of matching intensity

                – Common flavors/aromas

                – Dealing with contrasts (bitter, fat, sweet, umami, etc)

                – Recreating familiar flavor combinations

                – A word about wine and food

– Common vocabulary of beer & food

                – Beer ingredients and flavor sources

                – Food ingredients that share characteristics with beer

                – Food preparation methods and their importance in beer pairings

                – Evolved beer & food traditions (Belgium, UK, Germany)

– Beer and Breakfast

– Beer and cheese

                – About cheese: types, flavors

                – Specifics of beer and cheese

                – Walk around tasting (about 8 pairs)

– Beer with salads & appetizers

– Beer & main dishes

– A beer & food lunch @ Goose Island, discussion with the chef.

– Beer & desserts

– Planning a beer & food menu

                – Goals

                – Considerations

                – Practical approaches

                – Team project: plan a menu

– Cooking with beer as an ingredient

                – Opportunities and limitations

                – Marinades

                – Pan sauce

– Grilling with beer

                – Discussion

                – Hands-on and tasting



Instructor Randy Mosher is the author of “The Brewers Companion”, “Radical Brewing” and “Tasting Beer”. Randy has contributed articles regarding brewing and beer styles to some of the world’s leading brewing publications. He has lectured on brewing & beer styles across the country and has been involved in an ongoing effort to revive extinct historical beers.

Instructor Lucy Saunders writes about beer and food in newspapers, magazines and books including Cooking with Beer (1996), Grilling with Beer (2006) and The Best of American Beer & Food (2007). Her website,, won a silver medal for Best Food Writing on the Internet from the Association of Food Journalists in 2002. 

For complete information on all our Siebel Institute Course, download our course catalog in PDF format at or contact us at .



MUNICH –  Paulaner, one of the largest breweries in Munich and the international leader of the weiss bier market, has launched a new website to communicate with these worldwide markets:

The new website is available in Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and English.  The English section includes package information specific to the US market.  

The site features interactive audio that teaches the correct pronounciation of some of the most important German terms need to navigate Oktoberfest, including:  how to order a beer; how to pick up the opposite sex other at Oktoberfest; how to toast in German, and learn about the rich brewing tradition of the Paulaner Brewery.

Paulaner is on the cutting edge of current technology in creating this site, with the ability to view the site on most computers as well as iPhones and iPads.  To ensure global use of the site,  it has been programmed with a filter that will automatically detect what browser is available to view it. 


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