Last week I had the opportunity to get together with a couple of fellow Norwich University graduates. The LZ that I chose was BXL East the sister restaurant to BXL Café which I was familiar with. It was Wednesday afternoon at five o’clock when I arrived and ordered my first Hoegarrden.

The list of Belgian beers was formidable. There are 14 of them on draft at least twice as many by the bottle. It was a fairly warm day so I opted to go to the wheat. As I stood at the bar one of the first things I noticed was the proliferation and variety of the beer glasses. The obvious reason for this is the tradition in Belgium that every beer has its own special glassware. As you can see from the picture at the top of this piece the selection is formidable.

So why don’t I give you a look around the place… The following video is a 360° look at BXL East. Enjoy!

The beers are all served the proper temperatures, and in the traditional glassware. It was a short visit of about an hour so I can’t speak for or note anything about the food. I understand your disappointment and assure you the next few weeks I will remedy the situation. You can find BXL East at 210 East 51st on the island of Manhattan in New York City.

The following is the list of beers that were on draft:

Cuvee BXL – house brew

Duvel Green

Stella Artois

Leffe Blond

Delerium Tremens


Tripel Karmeliet

Grimbergen Abby Dubbel

Houblon Chouffe

Maredsous Bruin

Gulden Drakk

Lindeman’s Framboise